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SHIELD ELASTIC BAND: FIG 1. Place the tape measure under your arms right below the fullest part of your chest, wrap around your body until your fingers meet and mark the measurement.


For women, the number from your bra measurement is your band size needed. If you are on the high end of a size, for a looser fit, consider the next size up. If you are on the low end of a size, then consider the next size down for a tighter fit.

20190813 blue shield 001.jpg
Fig. 2

SHIELD VEST LENGTH: FIG 2. Big & Tall sizes recommended for those who are 6'2" and above and/or those who normally wear Big & Tall athletic shirts. (ex. 6'0" with 54" chest or suit size)


EXAMPLE: MEN - If you wear an extra - large shirt and it fits loose, then we recommend a large shield. Consider a compression style shirt that fits tight and that is typically the size Shield you want for proper fit and function during use.


EXAMPLE: WOMEN - Your bra band number is the measurement for your Shield. If you are in the low-range for a measurement (ex. 34 inches), then we recommend a small instead of the medium. The Shield is designed to fit firm to your body for proper functioning during use.


To ensure the most comfortable fit, choose the size appropriate to how you prefer to wear the Shield. The measurements are recommendations. Contact us with questions. 

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